Brand Story

Giraffe Activewear was founded by two guys who figured out there wasn't much out there for the tall guy who wanted a jogger that fits.

What started as a massive online search for the perfect jogger led to us obsessing about how we should create what we were looking for ourselves. The things we saw in the market were either really really ugly, or fits us like capris. They lacked the technical prowess or comfortability factor a great jogger should have. And no tall man should have to go jogger-less, so we set out to solve this large problem. 

What we've designed is something that has all the things on a tall guy's jogger wish list. Giraffe Activewear joggers are hand-stitched, breathable, and American made. They're luxury joggers that can be worn in and out of the gym. The comfortability factor combined with the sleek look make these joggers a 10 out of 10 in every category. And after realizing what was possible when we took matters into our own hands, it's just the first piece in our ever expanding online store for the forgotten man. Giraffe Activewear: built for your journey to the top.